Along with celebrations, plum-puddings and warm wishes, the new year also gives us opportunity to start afresh and focus on the changes we needed. It is also the peak season for digital marketers to predict the future of businesses and plan for evolution.

To help you arm with the essentials for future, this blog presents 10 most effective digital marketing strategies for 2015.

  1. Micro- targeting – Know your customers better.

It is the time to revamp the segmenting and targeting strategies of marketing. One – to-many game plan is not going to cut the mustard this time. Dig into personalization and niche offerings to find small yet profitable deals.

  1. Have a grip on Facebook lookalike audience.

Do you know what Facebook Lookalike Audience is? Facebook says that Lookalike audience allows you to reach new customers who may show interest in your business because those new customers are similar to your targeted customer list.  For example – suppose you have a database of 10,000 contacts in fast food chain industry. You can upload this database in Facebook’s advertising platform and Facebook will help you to target the accurate customers like you have in your list.

  1. Paid Placement – Spend your money on the right platform

The Facebook algorithm changes in the end of 2013 have witnessed 44% downfall in the brand ads which are non – sponsored. There is nothing called a free lunch anymore. LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter are also offering sponsored ads and content placement for specific reach.

  1. Micro blogging – tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Twitter is still a great platform to grow followers organically. Start searching hashtags within your domain and reach out to people in this way. Reply, retweet, mark them as favorite and start communicating. Twitter has over one billion registered users. So, this Twitter outreach strategy will rock in 2015.


  1. YouTube videos – demonstrate customer appreciation

YouTube is owned by Google. So, by using videos as a tool to promote your product/ service online, you can get search engine exposure for videos you have uploaded on YouTube. Studies have found out that emotional videos with strings of positivity are the ones which get maximum shares, views and likes.

  1. Mobile will hit the jackpot – master it

Responsive websites, mobile – optimized elements, fresh content and offline activities is essential to round out personalized experience. According to research, mobile and smart phone devices are hotbed for digital marketing. Foresters also predict that by the year 2020, 1 out of 5 sales will be from the data collected and stored from smart phone and mobile devices.

  1. Google + for better SEO

Unlike Facebook, Google+ might not be as effective as a marketing platform till date. But 2015 may speak out a different story. Your profile in Google+ plays a vital role in SEO in Google search engine on local level. When you get more reviews, you can post more content. This results into more number of followers and hence, you will rank well for local search terms.

  1. Visual marketing – Instagram; Pinterest; Tumblr

Already a big hit in 2014, the charisma of visual marketing will amplify in 2015. Instagram; Pinterest; Tumblr and YouTube will have greater role in strategizing content marketing. Along with that, info graphics, product – specific emoji and data visualizations will also walk the talk.

  1. Marketing memes – videos; images; word; miscellaneous

Marketing memes can spell big exposure in the years to come. Memes are a package of culture, fashion, architect and landscapes. There are photos and video memes; macro memes; word memes like Twitter hashtag; and miscellaneous memes for loyal customers.

  1. Email marketing – taste the power of content

Email marketing is still considered to be the best digital strategy for ROI. It can never go out of style. Start doubling your email campaigns and send at least two emails per month to every customer. Compelling content in form of newsletter or infographics is under the limelight these days.

If 2014 has gifted you tons of surprises, wait till you see what the upcoming year has in store. Good luck!