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Module I

Types of contents and brief elaboration

How to make money from content writing

Module II

Why content is the one of the best parts in digital marketing industry

Value of quality contents in digital marketing

Module III

Steps to be taken before start writing

How to search to find relevant information

Websites that can help you to find information

Module IV

Referencing and Plagiarism

Content duplication issue.

Tools to be used to get rid of duplication issues

Checking content’s originality.

Module V

How to Write Engaging Contents

How to Communicate with readers

How to create contents that are easy to read and easy to scan.

Module VI

Why Presentation matters in content writing

Proper Way to present a content

The format to be maintained while writing

What is the value of Heading

What is content re-rewriting

Module VII

How to write product reviews

How to write product descriptions

How to write customer reviews

How to write software reviews

Module VIII

How to write web pages

Difference between article and blog

How to Write Blog

Difference between product description and product reviews

Module IX

What is SEO content

What are keywords

Way to Write SEO contents

What are LSI keywords

What is keyword density

Module X

Proof Reading


Duration :- 10 – 15 online Classes

Course Fee – Rs. 5000/-


Add-on Course

  • How to be a blogger
  • How to create own blog/website
  • How to make money from your own blog
  • The Various ways to monetise your blog
  • How to make youtube channel
  • How to make money from youtube

Duration – 5 Classes

Fees – Rs. 3000/-


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